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In Australia, 100% juice contains no added sugar or preservatives. Juice drinks, however, contain less fruit and/or vegetables, and often have other ingredients added such as water, flavours and sweeteners. In both cases, the exact amount of each is displayed on nutrition information label.

Fruit and vegetable juices have a significant role to play in the diet of all Australians, particularly in contributing to the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables.

Juice Australia has a dedicated consumer site. Head over to the Juice Australia Microsite

For juice, the Australian Dietary Guidelines state that an occasional 125ml glass of fruit juice with no added sugar is equivalent to one serve of fruit. Without juice, many children and adolescents would not consume their recommended daily intake of fruit.

The Australian Health Survey (AHS), which incorporates the National Nutrition and Physical Activity, found that 81% of children and 93% of adults do not meet their daily fruit recommendations from fruit alone (excluding fruit juice and dried fruit).

  • The juice industry currently contributes $800 million to the Australian economy
  • Breakfast is the most popular meal to enjoy juice
  • Every glass of juice with no added sugar contains antioxidants, essential minerals, vitamins, and phyto-nutrients

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